Monday, September 17, 2012

September 17, 2012

On this date in 1787, the Constitutional Convention approved the final draft of the U.S. Constitution. For an excellent educational tool on the Constitution -- and it's the duty of every citizen, in my opinion, to know and understand this fundamental document -- I recommend The Heritage Guide to the Constitution.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11, 2012

Today I touch the memory of ordinary lives and extraordinary bravery. It's a day for honoring those who serve my community, my state, my nation.

It's time to visit again the aching grief, to embrace my rage and to shape anger into vigilance that guards my freedoms.

Whatever else I thought I needed to say can wait until tomorrow.

Today, I remember.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Quotes of the week, DNC edition

"We make it possible." (No kidding -- that's the theme of the 2012 Democratic Party National Convention)

"Government is the only thing that we all belong to." (from a DNC video shown at the convention)

"We run this country for the People!" (Elizabeth Warren, candidate for U.S. Senate from Massachusetts, with true socialist fervor)

"We think 'we're all in this together' is a better philosophy than 'you're on your own.' ... If you want a you're-on-your-own, winner-take-all society, you should support the Republican ticket. If you want a country of shared prosperity and shared responsibility -- a we're-all-in-this-together society -- you should vote for Barack Obama and Joe Biden." (Bill Clinton, undoubtedly through clenched teeth)

"I always figured that if Bill Clinton landed on Mars, he would know how to do it with them, he would know how to reproduce, he would know everything. He'd just instinctively know how to talk to people." (Chris Matthews, gushing incoherently on MSNBC)

We needn't wait for tonight's punchline -- the collectivist rhetoric spewing from the stage at this week's Democratic Party National Convention has been downright frightening.

While the GOP ticket of Romney-Ryan is no prize, supporters of Pres. Obama are going "all-in" to perpetuate an irresponsible, dependent, entitlement culture -- and damn, they sure are proud of it. To the extent they're successful, at any level, they're destroying our nation.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Quote of the week

"None of us have to settle for the best this [Obama] administration offers -- a dull, adventureless journey from one entitlement to the next, a government-planned life, a country where everything is free but us.

"Listen to the way we're spoken to already, as if everyone is stuck in some class or station in life, victims of circumstances beyond our control, with government there to help us cope with our fate.

"It's the exact opposite of everything I learned growing up in Wisconsin, or at college in Ohio.

"When I was waiting tables, washing dishes, or mowing lawns for money, I never thought of myself as stuck in some station in life. I was on my own path, my own journey, an American journey where I could think for myself, decide for myself, define happiness for myself. That's what we do in this country. That's the American Dream.

"That's freedom, and I'll take it any day over the supervision and sanctimony of the central planners."

(Rep. Paul Ryan, the Republican Party's nominee for Vice President, from his acceptance speech Wednesday evening)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Quotes of the day

"Here's what it boils down to: I think that the country could survive four more years of Obama. But I don't believe the country can survive...full of people that would reelect him." (Rush Limbaugh)

"Let us come to the point. Obama is reaching out to his very own special constituency. It is composed of those who believe that the Republicans would put up as their candidate for the presidency a person who in his business life would engage in fraud, tax evasion, even murder. Mr. Obama is casting his net for the moron vote. I do not believe that there are enough morons out there to reelect him." (R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. in The American Spectator)

I have to agree with Rush Limbaugh (this time) and, regrettably, I must disagree with Bob Tyrell -- there are more than enough moronic American voters to sustain this president's assault on Liberty.