Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Queen of Denial

I've been ruminating all day on what to say about Sen. Hillary Clinton's narcissistic performance last night. I'm not at a loss for words -- there's just so much to work with.

Perhaps it's best if I leave it to CNN's Jack Cafferty.

"Anyone who thought Hillary Clinton would admit defeat and graciously make her exit to begin healing the party wasn’t paying attention last night.

"Barack Obama won the Democratic nomination, not by a delegate or two. The superdelegates poured into his camp all day and all night and made a bold statement. 'He’s our guy.' But when the sun came up this morning, she is still there.

"If Obama wants a hint what it will be like if she is the vice president, last night should give him a pretty good idea. Refusing to concede, she chose instead to try to steal the spotlight from him on one of the most historic nights in our history. Barely acknowledging his accomplishment, she went on in her speech at Baruch College like nothing had changed. It was pathetic.

"Earlier in the day, she let it be known she is interested in the Vice Presidential nomination. Like it’s her option. This puts enormous pressure on him to agree or risk further angering her dwindling supporters. Not that some of them could get any angrier.

"Barack Obama at this moment has a much bigger problem with Hillary Clinton than he does with John McCain. You would think her advisers and supporters would start to be embarrassed by her behavior at some point.

"At a time when our country should be celebrating a quantum leap forward in healing our racial divisions, Hillary Clinton is ruining the party -- a spoiled child who refuses to go when told, 'It’s bedtime.'"

The words "pathetic" and "spoiled child" ring loud and true -- and as far as I'm concerned, that goes double for her wailing, hand-wringing supporters.