Friday, May 25, 2012

Decided (2012 edition)

In 2008, I didn't share my choice for President until the Friday before Election Day. This time 'round I needed far less time to deliberate.

Neither Mitt Romney nor Barack Obama represents, in my view, what's best for my country. Neither proposes to restore what we've lost. Neither has the courage to suggest that he intends to fix what's truly broken. And most important to me, neither Romney nor Obama has demonstrated that he values Liberty.

So today, 166 days before casting my ballot, I've decided to support Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson.

I categorically reject the simple-minded notion that I have only two viable choices, or that voting for anyone but the Republican nominee virtually guarantees the incumbent a second term.

The dominant parties and their wind-sock ideologies have failed us. Their candidates haven't earned my support.

On November 6th my vote will be a product of conscience, not calculation. Will yours?