Thursday, May 14, 2009

Nancy & The Big Shovel

Humans' greatest weakness is the need to be understood. Related to that failing is the compulsion to explain everything.

Ask any cop or, for that matter, ask any parent -- the more a person tries to explain, the deeper the hole they dig.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi appeared before the Capitol Hill press corps today with a prepared statement, explaining (again, for the umpteenth time) what, when, and how she knew about harsh interrogation tactics used on suspected terrorists -- waterboarding, alleged torture and all that nasty stuff.

After reading her statement, she should've turned her exposed tail and left the room. But being human -- and having a massive ego, even for a powerful politician -- she didn't.

She couldn't. She had to explain.

So she took questions. Here are a few gems from her answers:

"The point is that I wasn't briefed. I was told -- informed that someone else had been briefed about it."

"I wasn't informed. I was informed that a briefing had taken place."

"I was not briefed. I was only informed that they were briefed, but I did not get the briefing."

"I have not been briefed as to what they were briefed on.... I was just briefed that they were informed..."

This is the citizen who stands just two heartbeats from the American presidency. And this is the kind of nonsense we get when we keep re-electing the same ideological faces to the same political places.

All together now: It's the government we deserve.

Non-Pelosi quote of the week
"...[Carrie Prejean's] awkward attempt to now transition from the woman with the implants to a virtuous moral crusader lacks all credibility. A veneer of pseudo-Christian hypocrisy will not camouflage Ms. Prejean’s vapid breast obsession, no matter how tightly she wraps herself with it." (from "Carrie Prejean and Her Breast Obsession" by Sheldon Filger)