Thursday, August 19, 2010

As we withdraw from Iraq

The whole "social media" thing generally gives me a rash. Every now and then, however, there's a case for redemption.

One of my wife's Facebook friends, a former military chopper pilot, posted this earlier today:

"I lost count of the dead I flew to Balad for the last flight home. I hope, my only hope in life, is that people learn not to hate.

"Please everyone remember why the Constitution is so important. Do not abridge anyone's rights to freedom. This includes the right to worship any religion you may feel represents you. I, as many, have defended that right for years. I hope my son does not see the things I have seen in the name of religion.

"Take care of those who have served and those who are willing to serve. They are a rare breed and will protect you 'til they can no longer."

That was worth getting up for this morning.

Please join me in honoring our warriors as they return, regardless of how they return. Serve the men and women who have served us.