Saturday, January 8, 2011


An early January Thaw, accompanied by three days of rain around New Year's, took away our wonderland. Now it's back -- we're seeing our third straight day of light snow.

Winter, with all of its quietude and gentle beauty, has returned to our village.

Scout doesn't much like the snow, at least not yet. She doesn't tolerate the cold well, either -- as an early-winter pound puppy, she didn't have a chance to develop a thick undercoat when the seasons changed. So when we take her outside for her "business trips," one of us usually ends up stuffing a shivering black furball inside a parka.

I'm itching to head down to the woods today, but that'll have to wait 'til tomorrow -- this wintry Saturday is for taking down holiday decorations and running errands.

Still, wherever I am these days, this season is precious to me. Cold and snow aren't for everyone, I know, but I love what winter does to the landscape and its inhabitants. No sun-splashed tropical beach could bring my soul the peace I feel right now.