Sunday, March 27, 2011

Another gem from Kephart

"Good for Dad, Too"

"Among the millions who are over-age, or for other reasons are exempt from call to the colors, there are potential armies for home defence. The emergencies that demand such service come suddenly like floods or fires. A mob laughs at a posse of city men who never fired a gun. It quails before a band of cowboys or mountaineers who are known to be crack shots. The rangers and hill-billies may never have learned 'fours right,' but it is sure death to buck against them, just the same, and a mob knows it."

(From "
The OUTING Legion: The Only Road to Skill With the Rifle Is Through Practice" by Horace Kephart, Outing, November 1917. The advertisement appeared in the July 1917 issue of Forest & Stream.)