Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Columbus turns 200 today

When someone asks me where I live, chances are I'll say "Columbus, Ohio." That's not my postal address, of course, but it's easier for most folks to fix on their mental maps.

So, in a sense, Columbus is my adopted hometown. And today, February 14th, marks the bicentennial of its founding.

As a kid growing up in the northeastern part of the state, making the two-hour drive to Columbus qualified as a trip to "the big city." We'd come down for Ohio State's home football games and, several times a year, to shop at Lazarus.

The city today bears only a passing resemblance, really, to the Columbus of my childhood. The changes owe to progress as well as decay, and I'm prone to getting sentimental about what's been lost to both.

It's still a good place, though, the hub of a region that I call "home," and this is a birthday worth celebrating.