Saturday, June 23, 2012

Consider the source

One of yesterday's posts, "Nancy fails The Smell Test," included a link to "Nancy & The Big Shovel" as a reminder of who we're dealing with.

To recap, in May 2009 then-Speaker Pelosi was asked what, when, and how she knew about harsh interrogation tactics used on suspected terrorists. Her trademark blather bears repeating here:
"The point is that I wasn't briefed. I was told -- informed that someone else had been briefed about it."

"I wasn't informed. I was informed that a briefing had taken place."

"I was not briefed. I was only informed that they were briefed, but I did not get the briefing."

"I have not been briefed as to what they were briefed on.... I was just briefed that they were informed..."
Yes, that was three years ago -- but if any public figure deserves to have their self-inflicted wounds re-exposed, it's Rep. Nancy Patricia D'Alesandro Pelosi of California's 8th district, Minority Leader of the U.S. House of Representatives and member of the Democratic Party.

(Ok, Caribou Barbie comes close.)

If we direct our ire only toward Democrats or liberals, right-wingnuts or Republicans, however, we miss the mark by a Heartland mile. The real problem is politically entrenched ideologues of all stripes, elected officials who long ago ceased to obey the will of the People.

That's our fault -- we have the government we deserve.