Monday, April 20, 2009

Sharps: Errata & addenda

First of all, I need to make a correction.

After posting "
A modern-day Soldier" a week ago, I learned of an error on the page announcing the new Victorinox Soldier -- the knife being sold right now in the U.S. is not equipped with a seat-belt cutter. That tool doesn't appear in the photo of the knife, but it is listed in the accompanying description.

I should know better than to trust the copywriter.

As far as I can tell, four other 111mm Victorinox knives actually do feature a belt cutter: the Workchamp, the Parachutist, the Fireman and the Rescue Tool.

Second, I'd like to make up for omitting the Victorinox
Farmer from my discussion of worthy Swiss knives.

The Farmer, like the pre-2009 Soldier, is a silver Alox-scaled 93mm model. It includes the same tools, plus a saw blade and a handy lanyard ring.

The additional blade brings with it another backspring and a second liner, making the package about 3/32" thicker than the traditional Soldier. Still, the Farmer is relatively slim, along with being rock-solid and undeniably classy.

It's affordable, too -- just $28 from FelineVet, a kind-hearted vendor who's well-known to Swiss Army Knife aficionados. As of this writing, for two bucks more FelineVet also offers a version with red Alox scales, reportedly produced in limited numbers in 2007.

Personally, I'd splurge for the red one.

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