Sunday, October 18, 2009

Horizontal property

Pockets are good.

In the EDC game, more pockets are better. But as much as I love pockets, I tend to hang a lot of my everyday-carry items on my belt.

My cell phone, encased in a protective Body Glove, rides just forward of my right hip. An oh-so-handy Nite Ize S-Biner corrals a wad of keys and fobs and dangles from a belt loop. Depending on the day's destination and purpose, occasionally I'll make room for a sheath holding a small fixed-blade or a multi-tool.

Belt carry is convenient, sure, but some days my waistline looks positively tactical. I really don't need to add anything else to this already-crowded piece of real estate.

That said, I have.

Early each morning, my first chore is to take two dogs on a "business trip" -- attach their leashes to their collars, walk them to the edge of the yard, clip their tie-outs, unclip their leashes...wait...then reverse the process and return the critters to their crates.

This time of year I perform that ritual well before dawn. Despite outside lighting, I'm clipping and unclipping in shadows, a two-handed task which is neither easy nor certain. Yesterday I began bringing some illumination of my own, in the form of a compact LED squeeze-light.

Hanging from my S-Biner, the LED light gets squeezed on before I leave the house. It puts a just-right spot of bluish light at my feet, leaving both hands free for tethering.

It's simple and it works. It won't be long before the mornings will be colder and a heavier coat will cover my waist, though, so at that point the LED light will leave my belt and become a zipper pull.

The second addition to my belt-carry arsenal, a
KSF Leather Horizon, has involved more of a commitment on my part. Because the large version of this folder pouch occupies over six linear inches of belt space, it's required me to re-think and re-arrange my scheme.

I've been toting my SOG Tomcat 3.0 in the Horizon for about a week. Rather than offer a full review here and now (I expect to do that later), I'll say simply that I'm really getting to like the big Horizon. It's like no sheath I've ever carried.

Innovation is, often by definition, unconventional, so it should be no surprise that adding the Horizon would be an exercise in adapting. I have no problem with that, of course, especially when it allows me to carry my favorite big folder in a way I hadn't imagined.

In short, the Horizon is cool. Give me another week to settle my system and I'll say a bit more than that.