Thursday, March 25, 2010

Buzz killed

Our host-tormentors are back.

We weren't expecting their return until late tonight, but for some reason they infiltrated our temporary island of sanity during the wee hours this morning. We spotted their suitcases behind the living-room couch just a few minutes ago.

My family and I, after a blessed break from my mean-spirited mother-in-law's constant drunkenness and her husband's raging mental instability, are fine. And while we aren't able to grin at them knowing that we'll be leaving this dysfunctional place in the next week or two (that process isn't going as quickly as we'd hoped), we took full advantage of those 15 days to regroup and recharge.

We have deep reservoirs of clarity, integrity, strength and peace that they can't fathom and will never know.

As ever, our spirit thrives.