Sunday, March 14, 2010

Double celebration

Since in my youth I played my fair share of organized basketball, you'd think I'd follow (and perhaps blog about) hoops more than I do. I guess I'm just more of a football fan.

I should be ashamed of myself, however, for waiting 'til now to mention this year's fifth-ranked basketball Buckeyes -- 26 wins, conference champs in both the regular season and the Big Ten tourney, and the inspiring story of Evan Turner. Now Buckeye Nation celebrates a #2 seed in The Big Dance.
Across the room here, my wife is smiling, too -- coach-alum Bob Huggins led her 27-6 Mountaineers to the Big East crown. Like Ohio State, seventh-ranked WVU earned a #2 seed in the field of 64.

And so it's a great sports day in the KintlaLake household -- especially since the Buckeyes and Mountaineers wouldn't play each other unless both escape their regions and make the Final Four.