Wednesday, March 24, 2010

No elephant in the room

Take a look at that photo of the signing ceremony held yesterday at The White House. What's missing?


Health-insurance reform got not a single GOP vote in the House, so no one should be surprised at the event's Democrats-only guest list. Still, the imagery is unusual.

Students of atmospherics know that political victors go out of their way to include collaborators from "the loyal opposition" in such a tableau. It simply wasn't possible this time -- without exception, Republicans closed ranks against the legislation.

Democrats point to the photo as further proof that the obstructive GOP is "the party of no." Republicans insist that they were locked out of the process months before the shutter clicked, blaming Dems for ram-rodding reform over the objections of the People.

Both are right; both are wrong. Neither side is capable of overcoming shameless self-flattery, thus neither is justified in pointing accusatory fingers across the aisle.

Intellectual honesty moved out of Washington long ago and left no forwarding address.

For independent citizens, the photo symbolizes partisan idiocy. It's the funeral portrait of collaboration, documenting The
Big Lie of Bipartisanship.