Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Un-bagged cat

Our host-tormentors now know when we're moving out of alcohell.

We're prepared for the nastiness that's sure to follow. Since the day we arrived, they've done everything imaginable to make sure that my family and I feel unwelcome in our own home. Now, as is their hateful pattern, the climate of drunkenness and mental instability will escalate until we close the door behind us for good.

And that's fine, because the end of our ordeal is in sight -- in little more than 24 hours we'll be able to say that we have a place of our own. By midday Sunday we'll be able to escape there if we have to.

Besides, whatever the addled octogenarians throw at us over the next eight days, we'll be too busy to care. Our eyes are fixed on a prize that no one can take from us.