Monday, April 26, 2010

Making entry

First off, just in case anyone thought I was kidding about those two neighbors feuding over a little maple tree, I present this photograph as evidence.

Over at our new place, Mrs. KintlaLake and I spent much of the afternoon plotting our pre-move strategy. We were surprised by the large volume of goods left behind by the previous owner -- mountains of clothes, furniture and miscellaneous items. There's too much to gather and deposit at the curb, so it looks like we'll have to rent a dumpster.

After deciding that the ancient carpet wasn't worth cleaning, we donned masks and gloves and worked long into the overnight hours ripping it up and hauling it out to the garage. In the process we discovered what was hiding underneath it -- beautiful hardwood in two-and-a-half bedrooms and plywood subfloor elsewhere.

When we pulled back the psychedelic shag covering the basement floor, however, we uncovered a veritable HazMat situation -- a thick layer of black mold covering asbestos tile. Yuck.

So now we've added "wall-to-wall floor covering" to our to-do list. My wife and our spawns will be back over there today, scrambling to make the place ready for our move. It all has to get done by Friday morning, but honestly I'm not sure how we'll do it.