Thursday, March 5, 2009


Around 9pm last night, Mrs. KintlaLake and I were sitting in our upstairs office, digesting dinner and unwinding from the day. One spawn was seated at the dining room table with his math tutor. The other was getting ready for bed.

Our peace was broken suddenly by the panicked cries of a small animal, perhaps a rabbit, coming from the side yard. My wife and I headed downstairs and peered out of the living room windows, but we failed to spot the source of the sound, which continued.

I grabbed a flashlight, walked out onto the front porch, scanned the yard and solved the mystery.

Pepe LePew found himself a real screamer this year.

Without further thought or delay I ducked back inside, shut the door behind me and we all had a good laugh.

When the amorous young skunks ceased their affection shortly thereafter, love wasn't the only thing in the air. Fortunately, the master bedroom is at the opposite end of the house.