Saturday, September 19, 2009

Garage Sale Weekend

This is more time-consuming than moving, for cryin' out loud.

Two days down, one to go. Like every garage sale I've ever been a part of, the things I expected to sell immediately still await buyers, and the who-on-earth-would-buy-this stuff went in a flash.

So we've raised some cash, which is a good thing, and we're left with a considerable pile of goods to sell tomorrow. The best part of the process, however, has been the people we've met.

The pair of aging Air Force vets, both career flight mechanics with nearly identical service histories, who came within minutes of meeting each other in our driveway. Several mentally and physically disabled children, their parents displaying the kind of unconditional love that inspired me to tears. The young couple who hauled away our living room furniture in two trips, speaking humbly about the youth ministry they'd started. The teacher who selflessly collected toys and classroom aids for her students.

Ah, and then there was the well-heeled couple who showed up early this morning. They never got out of their car. They didn't even shut off the engine. They simply looked -- and so did we.

See, it's not every day that a Ferrari 355 FI Spider rolls up to our house. With a wave and a wink, the driver backed out onto the road, pausing for a moment before lighting up the tires and paddle-snicking through the gears. The roar of the V8 was exquisite.

And the sight of our two teenage spawns -- eyes wide open, jaws on the ground -- well, that wasn't bad, either.

Anyway, we'll tally our receipts at the end of the day tomorrow.

We're counting our blessings right now.