Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Seen on Facebook

After Pres. Obama's address to American schoolkids yesterday, I spotted a few tongue-in-cheek reactions worth preserving here.

"Today, Barack Obama urged my son to stay in school and work hard to be successful in life. What is this, Communist China?"

"If you were a good American, you would've kept him home from school today instead of exposing him to ideas that might cause him to think. Why do you hate your country so?"

"That Obama, he's always pushing the envelope, isn't he? I mean, next he'll be suggesting things like brushing my teeth every morning or looking both ways before I cross the street. He's nothing but a politician."

Without notice or fanfare, neither of the KintlaLake spawns' schools showed the President's speech to students -- disappointing, sure, but not surprising in an area that went for McCain last November.

I guess the current curriculum doesn't include a module on leadership. Clearly, that's a socialist concept...