Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Signs of the season

It's been a record-setting April, rainfall-wise -- a good thing, if you ask me. The squishy back yard we curse today is the brimming reservoirs we'll bless come August.

So ten days have passed since I last mowed the lawn, and I don't mind the break one bit. Dandelions compete with ajuga and spring beauties, along with a surprisingly large crop of violets. In another neighborhood we might be cited for violating homeowners-association rules, but here in the village those "weeds" are colorful heralds of spring.

Scout and I went for a short walk late this morning. As we rounded the back side of the garage, a startled robin flushed from the eaves. I turned to look where he'd come from and saw that he and his missus have been busy.

The nest is empty right now, but I'll keep a respectful eye on it over the next few weeks.

My village neighbors will understand why I'm closing this post with one more image of the violets blooming at the moss-covered base of our ash tree. This simple woodland flower symbolizes our community, and we hold it in high regard.