Sunday, March 18, 2012

T&A in government comics, revisited

Incomparable illustrator Will Eisner created the character of "Connie Rodd" for the U.S. Army's P*S Magazine. A blonde bombshell, oozing sexuality and delivering double entendres at every opportunity, she drew young GIs into the dry subject of preventive maintenance.

P*S is still around, available online even to us civilian types. And Connie continues to grace its pages -- sort of.

Over the last few decades, political correctness has robbed the once-alluring character of her original appeal. Today's Connie Rodd (right) is patently asexual, shaped by hyper-sensitive ninnies from a tart into a token.

Once again, we've lost more than we've gained.

Today feels like a good day to annoy all those who prefer a less interesting world, a world stripped of humor, color and curves. To that end I'm pleased to offer a tribute (below) to the real Connie Rodd, in the form of P*S centerfolds from 1970 and 1972.