Monday, March 26, 2012

Using an Etch A Sketch as a national-security tool

An open mic caught Pres. Barack Obama and current Russian Pres. Dmitri Medvedev wrapping up their discussion today about Russia's demand that the U.S. abandon its plans for a missile-defense shield.

"This is my last election," Pres. Obama said. "After my election I have more flexibility."

"I understand," Pres Medvedev said. "I will transmit this information to Vladimir" (referring to incoming Russian Pres. Putin).

It's a window into classic lame-duck politics, what virtually every elected official does without the burden of another campaign.

But here, on this subject and with these stakes, it's scary as hell.

Watch the video of today's unguarded moment (below) and ask yourself: How many times has this president has offered similar assurances, abroad and at home, and to whom?

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