Tuesday, March 13, 2012

An unexpected gift

Mrs. KintlaLake and I were the first to arrive at our shop yesterday, as usual. When the first of our two co-workers strolled in a half-hour later I noticed that he was carrying some sort of flat parcel, wrapped in a white trash bag.

"I found this at my parents' place yesterday," he announced, pulling back the plastic. "I thought you should have it."

Without further fanfare, he presented me with his discovery: an original album cover from McGuffey Lane's self-titled 1980 recording, the band's first, complete with autographs.

According to my co-worker, the members of McGuffey Lane were regular visitors to his parents' house, since (the late) Bobby Gene McNelly's back yard bordered theirs. The guys signed this particular cover while hanging out in the basement one day shortly after the album's release.

This is a bona fide keeper, of course. Preserved in a proper frame, soon it'll adorn the wall of my office.