Sunday, August 16, 2009


The lack of activity on this blog lately can be traced directly to domestic harassment thrown at my family and me by my in-laws. It's sapped a lot of time and even more of our energy.

The matter came to a head last night during a kitchen-table discussion that was supposed to resolve our issues. It didn't.

My wife's alcoholic mother, who last night was drunker than usual, kicked us out -- including her grandsons, whom the slurring old woman referred to as "MY sons."

We rounded up the boys and the dogs and gathered random important stuff. Within 15 minutes we piled into three vehicles and peeled out of the cul-de-sac.

Regrouping at our old (dry) house five miles away, my wife and I sat with the boys and talked them through the crisis. It was striking to me how much maturity they showed -- far more than their grandparents displayed.

Afterward, the two teenagers were surprisingly relaxed, laughing with each other and horseplaying. We'll keep an eye on them, sure, but I'm proud of them.

I'm even prouder of my wife.

So here we are, essentially houseless but not homeless. We'll grab a motel room the next two nights for showers and other comforts. From there it's hard to say what's next.

It is as it seems, all drama and no sense, just like the addled and chemically altered people who showed us the door.