Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Still schlepping

It's the move that keeps on giving.

As I've said, there are some household items that we can't move ourselves -- washer, dryer, fridge, desk and two dressers. We'll get professional help with those on Saturday, but we still have work to do. This morning I made three trips in my SUV, hauling drawers and framed pictures and mirrors and such.

On the bright side, the spawns' effort has improved to the point that they've become useful. Unfortunately, our hosts' attitude is making our new digs borderline-intolerable. They've provided us with a house but seem intent on robbing us of our home.

We understand that our presence is an imposition, but really, we're very easy keepers. There's not much that The KintlaLake Four can do except to pull together.

It's noon, and after five hours' schlepping I'm done for today. Time for a hot shower and a coupla hours on the heating pad...