Saturday, August 29, 2009

'Who only stand and wait'

First of all, my apologies to Milton.

Parents of teenagers spend a lot of time waiting -- I know we do. Much waiting happens in parking lots, marking time while our spawns are at school, busied with extracurriculars or bonding with friends.

The other evening, my wife and I were engaged in this sort of ritual thumb-twiddling outside a local martial-arts studio. She browsed through the day's mail and I, bored absolutely spitless, pulled out my camera

A hot-air balloon, the same one we see just about every day, drifted lazily overhead. I opened the

Glancing around the parking lot I took note of the usual two- and four-wheeled suspects, driven there by patrons of the studio and the adjacent gym. Sitting far away from the others was a vehicle I hadn't seen before.

Judging it unusual enough (and not in a good way) to deserve a real photograph, I borrowed my wife's point-and-shoot

In the words of our younger spawn, who eventually emerged from his martial-arts session, some things in this world just can't be fixed.