Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sharps: 'From the Edge'

I want to devote a few pixels here to bumping a new e-newsletter from friends Derrick and Wendy Bohn at

Called From the Edge, it claims to be more than just another e-mail sales flyer -- and if the first issue is any indication, KSF makes good on that claim. Sure, these folks are in the business of selling knives, sheaths and other top-notch stuff, but From the Edge also promises to offer interviews, tips and educational content.

Of special note in the August edition are a
profile of Bark River Knife & Tool's Mike Stewart and a how-to on modifying a coated knife so it'll work as a firesteel striker. (The photo in the latter article should look familiar to KintlaLake Blog readers.)

In its debut, From the Edge seeks to join the handful of e-missives that bring us news we actually can use -- it's well worth subscribing, which you can do here.

Besides, Derrick and Wendy are good people who do things the right way. They've already earned my business, and I encourage readers to give KSF a look.

The smart newsletter is just a bonus.