Saturday, August 22, 2009


I understand that many Americans are growing restless over the agendas being pressed by our President and the majority in Congress. Even when their objections are shallow and uninformed, as an independent citizen-patriot I feel (and in some cases share) the underlying sentiments.
So when yesterday's edition of The Columbus Dispatch ran an article entitled, "'Patriots' events mark unease over government," it had my attention. After reading the piece I dug deeper, anxious to learn more about today's "Gathering of the Patriots" in Lancaster.

"We will have experts on survival, law, Constitution, gardening, weapons [and] communication," proclaims the event flyer -- all right up my alley, for sure. And then I saw this:

"God-Fearing Americans Only."
"Jesus is the only answer to America's problems."
Seems I'm not invited.

Extremism continues to put down its toxic roots in this community and countless others across our nation. An event that purports to defend the Constitution and yet flouts the First Amendment is a most sinister joke. Independence with religious conditions is no independence -- it's isolationism.

These self-styled theo-patriots are threats to Liberty, not its guardians. I'll give them a wide berth -- and my full attention.