Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cordage: Farmer's friend

It took me just fifteen minutes this morning to turn out a basic tether for my new Victorinox Farmer.

This is what I'd call a medium-sized survival lanyard, packing about ten feet of intact paracord into a relatively tidy bundle. It's woven in a double (overlapping) cobra stitch, with a spring clip on one end and a split ring on the other. Nothing complicated, nothing fancy.

No skull beads this time.

The knot, by the way, is a figure-eight-on-a-bight. Depending on my mood, it seems, I tend to go back and forth between that and a stevedore knot, which essentially is a figure-eight with an extra wrap.

Later I'll do a simple paracord fob for the Farmer, maybe capturing a tiny firesteel, for those times when I want something less bulky. If I had this lanyard to do over again, I might make it with a shorter run of double cobra, but as-is it'll serve my EDC purposes just fine.