Sunday, June 21, 2009

What I know & what I don't

I know that I feel compassion for the people of Iran.

I don't know how I, an independent citizen-patriot who cherishes my liberties, could find the government of Iran anything but repugnant -- typical of a theocratic faux democracy, the Islamic Republic of Iran oppresses its people, indisputably brutal and shamelessly dictatorial.

I know that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is an asshole.

I don't know that reformist Mir-Hossein Mousavi Khameneh would be preferable to the devil we know -- that choice is (or should be) up to the citizens of Iran.

I know that so-called "social networking" media are, right now, our only windows on the protests and violence in Iran.

I don't know -- in fact, I have no way of knowing, and neither do the mainstream media -- whether or not these anecdotal reports, gut-wrenchingly compelling though they may be, fairly portray the situation on the ground.

I know that the Obama administration's response to the strife in Iran has been altogether proper and measured perfectly, a refreshingly intelligent approach to international relations.

I don't know why so many Americans insist that Pres. Obama speak to the world like he's addressing a small-town VFW meeting -- pride flaunted is arrogance, and it's a culture of official arrogance that's made a mess of U.S. foreign policy.

I know that the people of Iran have only their voices with which to resist a powerful government.

I don't know how any American can advocate the trampling of the Second Amendment, thus robbing this free and independent people of our unique ability to preserve Liberty.

I know that the unrest in Iran is half a world away.

I don't know how we can be so complacent as to suggest that heavy-handed government suppression of rights never will visit our shores -- or how we can be so naive as to believe that it hasn't already begun.