Friday, June 12, 2009

Impressions: KSF Leather Holt

About six weeks ago, the folks at Michigan's Sharpshooter Sheath Systems and KnivesShipFree, an Oklahoma-based retailer, were brainstorming about ways to carry a small OtterBox -- y'know, one of those watertight and nearly indestructible plastic containers available in a wide range of sizes and colors. This is what they came up with:

It's called a Holt, which I've learned is what an otter's den is called. (Clever, that.) The KSF Leather Holt is offered in two sizes -- one to fit the OtterBox 1000, another for the larger OtterBox 2000 -- and essentially is two leather straps that form a cradle for the box. It's designed to ride on a belt, a pack strap or Sharpshooter's Baldric setup. The keeper strap fastens with a snap.

I got hold of a Holt 1000 (as well as an OtterBox 1000) yesterday. I'm impressed -- it's an exquisitely simple concept, executed very well. Typical of Sharpshooter's leather goods, it features high-quality leather, hardware and construction.

The strap on my particular Holt, compared to ones pictured above, has a bit less leather below the snap. That makes sense -- a smaller tab will be less likely, I think, to catch on brush and such. Running changes, when they improve a product, are good.

Expect to read about the KSF Leather Holt 1000 again on KintlaLake Blog. I've decided that the OtterBox 1000 is the perfect size for a grab'n'go survival kit or a tag-along first-aid kit. I haven't yet decided which one, but whatever I end up doing I'll post about it here.

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