Monday, June 1, 2009

Sharps: Cheap therapy

I think it was sometime on Friday afternoon that I decided to retire my Wenger Basic Camper from my everyday-carry rotation and treat myself to a new Victorinox Farmer.

A red one.

The Wenger, a 20-year-old Euro-only model engraved with my name, is still quite serviceable although it's not really very stout. It's simply always there on the nightstand when I fill my pockets every morning. Sure, I could've gone back to my old-style Victorinox
Soldier, but to be perfectly honest, I was looking for an inexpensive pick-me-up.

I placed my order with
FelineVet on Saturday morning, and shortly thereafter I got a message from Tim saying that he'd ship today.

To my surprise, it arrived today. Same-day USPS shipping from California to Columbus? Now that's service (and quite impossible, of course -- my package ended up making Tim's Saturday shipment).

Now that I have a Farmer of my own, I can confirm that it's my kind of multi-blade pocketknife. It officially becomes my regular EDC knife tomorrow morning. And before week's end, I believe I'll give it a new
paracord lanyard.

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