Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Addendum: Have another

In 2005, Western Carolina University and its Mountain Heritage Center produced Horace Kephart: Revealing an Enigma.

Among the Center's artifacts is one of Kephart's own well-worn sheath knives, of the pattern replicated by Colclesser Brothers and carried on by others to this day. The collection also includes a "fishing knife," which it's said that Kephart sometimes used instead of his pocketknife for finer work. The spine of the smaller knife features filework ridges for scaling fish.

WCU's online exhibit is a rich trove for anyone interested in learning more about the man, as well as for students of Appalachian heritage, the American naturalist movement and much more. And speaking as a lifelong learner who's enjoying his exploration of Kephart and other icons of woodcraft, I can recommend it.

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