Friday, July 17, 2009

'Oh, give me a home...'

If the title concerns you, relax -- I'm not going to launch into a lengthy lament of our present situation. Fact is, this week we have two homes: a dry one here and another, the one where we'll be living soon, offering honest-to-goodness running water.

It's an exercise in differentiating inconvenience from hardship. We know that we're dealing with the former, not the latter.

No, this post was inspired by something I saw last evening. Less than a mile from home, while shuttling the older spawn to Lancaster, my wife pointed out a stand of corn that's already in tassel.

I glanced first at the cornfield, then at the pasture on the other side of the road.


You read that right -- here in central Ohio, of all places, two of the massive creatures were grazing a fenced-in field. Ok, so they're farm animals, and a pair of buffalo isn't exactly a herd. Still, it's not something that we Buckeyes expect to see.

Checking the KintlaLake Blog scorecard, I notice that I recorded a deer sighting earlier this week.

Seems we're an antelope shy of a home on the range.