Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer morning

I've spent the last half-hour gazing out through an upstairs window at the large apple tree in our back yard.

A pair of whitetail deer -- a good-sized doe and a young four-point buck -- grazed quietly on the fallen yellow fruit, occasionally reaching up to sample something better from a low branch. They acted neither nonchalant nor skittish, which seemed like the right attitude considering where they were.

Their presence didn't really surprise me, and not just because I've seen deer many times in the fields across the road. Since I spotted scat around the apple tree a few weeks ago, early each morning I've made a point of watching for them.

Today was my reward. They've moved on now.

The weekend brought rain, which we needed. Fields of corn, tall but not yet in tassel, envelop the barns on the other side of the road. The days have been warm and less humid than we're accustomed to this time of year.

As a mourning dove coos outside my office window, I need to begin shaking my reverie and focus on a pressing concern. After weeks of tolerating lower and lower pressure from our taps, yesterday morning it dropped to zero -- we have no water in the house.

My wife left for work this morning an hour earlier than usual, giving her time to stop by her parents' house to shower. I have a call in to the guy who installed a new pneumatic pressure tank in our system not long after we moved in.

I'm hoping that the air tank is the problem here, because it's been in service for three years and still should be covered by a five-year warranty. If something else is the source of our water trouble, it'd make for a big bill and an unpleasant day.

Thanks to two visitors to our back yard and the rich landscape that surrounds our home, at least the morning started pleasantly enough.