Sunday, July 26, 2009

Festival ceding

This time last year I posted regularly about the local fairs we were attending. Since we're busy with the move right now, taking in local color is more difficult -- but not impossible.

My family and I spent two hours Friday night at our town's annual festival, staying long enough to catch some live music and a spectacular fireworks show. When heavy rain put a damper on yesterday's scheduled events, we took the opportunity to haul four carloads over to our new home.

In the middle of our second trip, we parked our loaded-to-the-gunwales vehicles on the festival grounds so that we could enjoy a fair-food lunch of spicy sausage, red beans and rice, washed down with a bucket of sweet tea.

We have our priorities just right, it seems to me.

Today there will be no diversions, only packing and moving. Next weekend, though, our village will host live jazz and blues, accented by BBQ fare. About that time we'll be driving a rented truck.

I think we might just have to interrupt our Saturday for an hour or two and treat ourselves to some ribs.