Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sharps: Spyderco Endura II

When the four of us wandered out of that quirky knife store last Saturday afternoon, each member of the family toted a purchase.

My wife had the
aforementioned Marble's Caper, at least temporarily. With an eye on ever-tightening regulations, the older boy chose an assisted-opening Kershaw Tactical Blur which showed only light use. I'm not really a tantō kind of guy, but he seems to like it.

The 14-year-old, still lusting after an ain't-gonna-happen balisong, overpaid (I think) for a hopper and a tank for his paintball gun. It's the sort of thing he does when he's bored and cranky.

I nearly left empty-handed, judging that everything I saw either was of no value to me or the price was too dear. That was before I spotted a second-generation Spyderco Endura, mildly used but still in its factory box, selling for little more than pocket change.

There's already an Endura4 in the house and it's one of my favorite folders. The 1998-vintage Endura II, by comparison, shows its age in several ways -- AUS-8 stainless steel, unlined Zytel scales, integral molded pocket clip and riveted construction. Still, it's a very solid knife with great ergonomics, well-made and by no means crude.

This particular Endura II, like my Endura4, has a ComboEdge blade -- half serrated SpyderEdge, half plain -- which over 12 years has lost its original bite. I'm more than capable of restoring it to my personal satisfaction, but this time I've decided to take advantage of Spyderco's offer of free sharpening for the life of the knife.

Giving the older folder a factory edge is costing me $4.80 to ship it to Colorado and another five bucks to ship it back. Even adding that amount to the purchase price, the knife is still a ridiculous bargain.

So the Endura II left for rehab yesterday morning via USPS Priority Mail. I'll post an update when it's back in my hands again.

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