Friday, July 3, 2009

Sharps: A bigger Solo

As I said on Sunday, the Victorinox Solo Alox won out over the Bantam Alox for inclusion in my personal survival kit. The hard-to-find 108mm Safari (Solo) Adventurer also was a candidate, but I rejected it because of its size.

One of the bigger Solos found its way into my hands several days ago. Even though this model isn't widely available in the U.S., it's worth more than just a passing mention here.

Beyond the obvious -- it's 15mm larger and its scales are textured red plastic -- this is one super-stout pocketknife. The impressive snap created by the stiff, full-length backspring inspires confidence I've felt in very few slipjoints. In fact, it's fun to hand this Solo to someone and watch them jump when they open it -- the thing kicks like a little mule.

The up-sized Solo comes with a vinyl pocket sheath and, as I'd expected, it's sharp from the get-go. Unlike knives in the 111mm range, there's no liner lock. Quality is typical Victorinox.

While not part of the Swiss Army Brands catalog, these knives do appear on eBay from time to time. (Caveat emptor.) Until recently they'd been available from
FelineVet for $30 a copy -- pricey for a simple one-blader, perhaps, but in my opinion worth every penny.

Consider that a recommendation. The Safari (Solo) Adventurer may not find a home in my compact PSK, but I'm sure I can make a place for this keeper somewhere else.

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